A Visit to the British Museum

The British Musuem. Photo by John Creasey.

The British Museum is a rich treasure trove, filled with artefacts of cultures and civilisations from across the globe and throughout history. The collection is vast and diverse, with more than 8 million relics – from the prehistoric body of Pete Marsh and the treasures of Sutton Hoo to Egyptian sarcophagi and the Elgin Marbles to Samurai armour and Inuit anoraks – some of the greatest artefacts of human life.

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The Great Debate

There’s nothing us Brits enjoy more than a nice cup of tea in the afternoon.  And down in the south-western corner of the UK, they’ve raised it to an art form with the creation of the cream tea.  But although the component parts are pretty much agreed upon, there is a great debate over how these are assembled to make the ultimate cream tea. Continue reading