In these shoes?

Hi, I’m Vicky and I fill the boots at These Vagabond Shoes. I’ve always loved being out and about in the great outdoors, and got my first taste for overseas travel on a geography field trip at 16. I got the taste for adventure on expedition in Belize with Raleigh International. Trekking in the jungle, sleeping in a hammock, scuba diving on the barrier reef, and working with archaeologists on Mayan temples influenced my idea of what “real life” should be.

Since then, I’ve explored both home and away on road trips, rail journeys, and sailing voyages, and over the years my wanderlust has continued to deepen. I’m a hiker, biker and paddler, and completely unashamed to admit I’m a total geek for natural history.

I’ve got a story to tell you. And I’m very good at telling tales. Follow my adventures as These Vagabond Shoes take a wander around the world.


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