Armchair Travel: 10 Travel Podcasts

A selection of travel-themed podcasts to inspire your next adventures.

This newest edition of Armchair Travel steps away from previous form, to bring you inspiration and escape from the everyday through some of the podcasts I’ve enjoyed.

I love the flexibility that listening to podcasts and audiobooks gives.  Unlike with reading a book, I can get deeply engrossed in a story or conversation as I walk or run, drive my car, or soak in the bath.  (I’m quite obsessive about the condition of my books*, and there’s no way I’d allow anyone, even myself, to risk taking them into the steamy, damp bathroom).  I even listen to podcasts while I’m working as a bosun on a ship, perched aloft in the rigging to serve, seize, and whip.

*Fold corners over?  You’re now on the list of people I don’t lend books to, along with other barbarians like my Dad and my oldest friend Shel.

So here are ten of my favourite podcasts to travel without moving.

From Our Own correspondent.

Longform journalism podcast from the BBC hosted by Kate Adie that blends travel reportage, political analysis, and stories that lie behind recent headlines. I love listening to this on Radio 4 as part of my Saturday mornings when I’m home, for the content, but also for the lessons in how to present an engaging piece of writing.  Listen live to BBC Radio 4, or follow here.

The Rough Guide to Everywhere.

A travel podcast with the simple aim of covering everywhere and sharing the stories that don’t fit into the guide books. Interviews and article explore destinations in depth and different styles of travel. Find it here.

80 Days.

Presented by Joe Byrne, Luke Kelly, and Mark Boyle, three self-proclaimed “history and geography geeks”, the 80 Days podcast is dedicated to discovering lesser-known countries and territories around the world, through their history, politics, landscapes, and culture, including places like Rapa Nui, Sápmi, Birobidzhan**, and the Kuril Islands.  Dive in to the podcast here.

**Yeah, me neither.

The Travel Goals Podcast.

Pip Jones, of Pip and the City, discusses inspiring travel goals with her guests, sharing the best adivce from their experiences, on subjects from digital nomad lifestyles, mindful travel, the future of guidebooks, and whether Instagram is ruining travel. Listen along here.

Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure.

The Barefoot Backpacker, Ian Oliver, dives into a different theme in each episode, talking about concepts like why bucket lists can be a bad idea, reverse culture shock, or travelling in your home town, as well as offbeat destinations like Vanuatu. Follow the conversations here.

SHe Explores.

A podcast bringing forth voices of women doing things outdoors, from exploration and adventure, working in outdoor industries, arts and music, to environmental awareness and activism. Hosted by Gail Straub, it has a strong North American influence, but reaches out to cover women around the world.  Find it here.

Curiously Polar.

Presented by Mario Aquarone, an experienced polar tour leader, and Chris Marquardt, a nature photographer, this podcast covers the colder corners of the globe.  Topics have a science and exploration focus, ranging from the Global Seed Vault in Spitzbergen, the history of the whaling industry, how to walk in snowshoes, marine mammal sex, and where exactly Santa Claus lives. Find it here.

Birds do it, bees do it, but just how do fin whales do it?  Picture courtesy of Mario Branco.

Wild Ideas Worth Living.

This podcast, hosted by Shelby Stanger, features conversations with guests that chose to take the road less travelled and follow their passions, from extreme sports to environmental crusades, and is filled with inspiration for those looking to take the next step. Listen to it here.

Watling Street.

A pocket-sized podcast from psychogeographer John Higgs. Over four episodes he explores one of the most famous old routes in Britain, meeting others who were influenced in some way by the route. Find it here.

The Food Chain.

Another BBC podcast, this time from the World Service, that explores the world through a love of food. International chefs share the five dishes that shaped their lives, and reports dive into the global and local issues surrounding food production, distribution and service. Listen along here.

You can find all these podcasts through their own websites or via various playing platforms like itunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify.

Which travel podcasts do you follow? Leave me your recommendations in the comments below.
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  1. Pod cast try Flintoff, Savage and the ping pong man
    Everyday chats about nothing in particular cept who puts the bins out

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