Travel Theme: Symbol

What is a symbol?  It can be a word, a sound, an image or a gesture.  A shorthand for an idea or belief.  It can be an object or it can be a person.  Indeed, over the past week it is a term that has been used extensively in tribute to the Nelson Mandela; a symbol of unity and reconciliation,  of human rights and equality, hope and freedom. Continue reading


Travel Theme: Sky

This week’s travel theme from “Where’s my backpack?” is sky.  So what better way to show off the sky than a sunset from the end of the world?  Or it might be the sunrise, as both happened within 10 minutes of each other.


Views from Gjesvær, Nordkapp

Just a few days later and neither would happen again for another 2 and a half months, as the midnight sun doesn’t drop below the horizon north of the Arctic Circle.

Travel Theme: Connections

This week’s Travel Theme suggested by Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack? is connections.

Draken’s Rigging

My photo is a rather literal interpretation, showing the connections of the styrbord vente (starboard shrouds) on Drakan Harald Hårfagre, part of the standard rigging that holds the mast in position.  Reconstructions and replica ships like Drakan allow experimental archeologists the opportunity to rediscover the skills and knowledge of ancient seafarers and navigators, make predictions and test theories.  They strengthen our connection to the past.