Travel Theme: Sky

This week’s travel theme from “Where’s my backpack?” is sky.  So what better way to show off the sky than a sunset from the end of the world?  Or it might be the sunrise, as both happened within 10 minutes of each other.


Views from Gjesvær, Nordkapp

Just a few days later and neither would happen again for another 2 and a half months, as the midnight sun doesn’t drop below the horizon north of the Arctic Circle.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Looking south from Rackwick, Orkney

The line where the sea appears to touch the sky.  To an observer of my height, standing at on the shore, the horizon lies just less than 5km away.  But sitting back on the pink sandstone cobblestones of Rackwick bay the distance drops, and the cliffs of Caithness disappear below the horizon.

The Weekly Photo Challenge can be found here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

The theme of this week’s challenge was “The Hue of You“, which I think has been the most demanding challenge I’ve participated in to date.  The aim is to share a photograph in which the predominant colour or colours reveals something about yourself, which prompted me to research a little about the perceptions associated with my favourite colour: blue. Continue reading