One fish, two fish, red fish, blackfish.

There’s a documentary film I’m going to watch on TV tonight.  It’s called Blackfish, and it discusses the story surrounding an orca kept in a SeaWorld theme park that gained notoriety from his involvement in the deaths of three individuals.  It’s showing tonight at 9pm (GMT) on BBC4 in the UK, or you can watch the trailer here and download the rest of the film from various sources.

blackfish As dolphin encounters are an item that often features highly on “bucket lists” and “things to do before you…” lists, I think its quite important for participants to be fully informed and aware of the wider impacts of their choices.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about the film and the issues it raises, or whether you’ve visited a SeaWorld theme park or had an encounter with cetaceans in a captive environment.  Don’t miss it!


Night Sailing

Slip out from port in evening dim

Colour draining from the sky

Crossing quicksilver streams

Lights red over green; sailing

Leave the fjord for open sea

Home lights slip from the horizon

Bright Hurtigruten lights chase the coast

Oilfield flares offshore

Look down over the bow

In the dark of night

Dark water, flying over fathoms deep

Constellations of phosphorescence

Wind squalls, reef the sail

Hands cramping and cold

Watching the lighthouse’s sweep

Safe to the shores of morning.

Hellisøy Lighthouse, Fedja.  Photograph by  Tord Andre Oen
Hellisøy Lighthouse, Fedja. Photograph by Tord Andre Oen