The Kit List: Essentials for a Month at Sea

IMG_2846It’s really easy to get carried away with packing, so that before long the only thing missing from your toiletry bag is the bathroom sink. Not so much of a problem if you’re only wheeling a set of matching luggage from the taxi rank to the airport check-in desk, but a different story if you’ve got to pack light.

For most destinations, it’s not a problem to pick up things locally either, letting you cut down to just a few essentials in your backpack. However, I’m going on a voyage on a reconstructed Viking ship from Norway to the UK. Conditions will be very basic on board, and I might have little chance to pick up the things I forget on the way, so I’m giving my choice of products some careful consideration. This is my packing list for health and beauty essentials (and it works for other trips in remote areas too):

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