The Vagabond Gift Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Baby, it’s cold outside. And even the hardiest outdoorsmen and women are thinking about spending afternoons in front of a roaring fire, for the next few weeks at least. So how about some ideas for Christmas gifts that will be sure to be used as soon as they head back out to the hills?

Lights2Gloves, especially thin but warm ones like these Smartwool Liner Gloves. I’m a big fan of liner gloves worn under ski mitts, so that you can slip off the big bulky mitts to fiddle with your kit, use your camera, fix your hair etc, and still keep your hands protected. The gloves are good on their own for everyday use, and these are compatible with touch screens too. A Merino Wool Buff would be great too.

Headtorch, like this rechargeable one from LED Lenser. The light is super bright and can be either a flood light or a spot light for your night-time activities. It also has a dimmer setting, so you can read or work on close things without dazzling yourself. It charges from a USB as well as the mains, so you can top it up in the office before you head out for the weekend.

Steripen Adventurer. A technical bit of kit for real back-country campers, this purifier kills bugs in water with UV light, so you’re not left with a nasty taste in your mouth. The Adventurer is the lightweight version, perfect for backpackers.

Dry stuff-sacks. I don’t think that you can ever have enough of these, especially in a range of sizes. Packing your kit is much easier, it all stays dry whatever conditions you face, and rather than being colour-coordinated, a variety of different colours helps you find the things you need quickly and easily.

Spork. It’s the love-child of a spoon and a fork. Perfect for eating from your rehydrated food pouches. And this one is made from titanium. Oooooh, fancy.

GoPro. OK, it’s a bit of a splurge present for someone you really like , especially if you opt for the brand spanking new HERO4 Black Edition (If Santa is reading this, I’ve been very good this year). However, the entry level HERO model is available for less than a third of the price, with many of the features of the more expensive models, including the option to shoot slow-motion sequences, although the quality of still images is reflected by the price.

A custom-made map from the Ordnance Survey. You can choose the centre point of the map, the format and scale, and design a personalised cover to make a map for a favourite walk or a memorable adventure.

I hope you got some ideas for the fans of the outdoors in your life. Why not check out my gift ideas for travel-lovers too? If you like my suggestions, please share this list on Facebook or Twitter, perhaps drop a hint for yourself?

Note:  This post contains affiliate links.  If you follow them through to buy a product I recommend, I receive a small payment (enough for a coffee, not for a yacht) from the company, at no charge to you whatsoever.  It helps keep my blog up and running.


2 thoughts on “The Vagabond Gift Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts

  1. Marc February 1, 2016 / 22:08

    I remember while I was traveling in northern New Hampshire I needed something like this but as a guy it never occurred to me to have dry sac for my stuff and also not really care about how I dressed but after reading your post, it seems like planning is the key and it saves a lot of time and energy for the trip and the activities you want to do. Thank you for reminding me.

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