Shh… it’s a Christmas Present!

*Bethlehem, USA, that is.

A few days after Christmas, just before New Year, I received an extra present in the post. It even came from Bethlehem*, so was extra festive!

It contained a lovely gift from Sarah, who writes the fabulous fitness blog Shh… Fit Happens! I’ve been following her advice and tips to help build up my fitness and running skills as I train to complete the 2014 Virgin London Marathon in April.

It contained some awesome shocking pink shoelaces, as Sarah is a #sweatpink ambassador for the Fitapproach blog community and agrees that “kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes”. If that’s going to make me a better runner, I’m all for it!

#sweatpink. Image from Shh… Fit Happens!

Now, time to get my shoes on and go for a run. Thank you Sarah!


3 thoughts on “Shh… it’s a Christmas Present!

  1. Sarah January 10, 2014 / 20:39

    Yay they made it! You are going to rock that marathon! 🙂

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