Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Posted a little later than planned, as I’ve been tucked up in bed with the flu this week, this is my contribution to this week’s photo challenge exploring interesting juxtaposition and unexpected pairings.


I like this picture taken from the viewing platform at the top of the Rainforest Biome at the Eden Project, which looks just like an aerial view across the jungle canopy.  There’s even a tiny tin-roofed shack hiding amongst the foliage.  But the backdrop to this apparently natural scene is a futuristic-looking plastic and steel geodesic dome, which keeps out the English weather.


2014 Travel Resolution #3: Become a Better Photographer

Camera. Image by Alba Bautista on Flickr

How are those New Year’s resolutions going? We’re three-and-a-half weeks into January now, often just when our good intentions start to dry up, and resolutions fall by the wayside. Other things might start to fill your time making it harder to keep up learning a language, and the grizzly weather can make it harder to muster up the motivation to train for an active challenge. So my third travel resolution suggestion is something that combines learning and practice, and can fit into any free moments in your day.

 #3. Become a better travel photographer.

Travel and photography go hand-in-hand for many, myself included. We take pictures to capture memories, and to share our experiences with others. But images often don’t quite turn out as we’d hope for. So how can we make our photography better this year? Here are 5 things worth working on. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Depending on where you are, and whether you are looking in from outside or out from inside, windows reveal different things. They are a portal out to the world, or a glimpse into people’s lives. Like on Play School, windows can lead you into a story.

Doesn’t rhyme with crumble.

This is the rear window of a Land Rover Defender 110 in the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire; one of several of the vehicles used in the Bond film Skyfall.  It still bears all its battle scars, and no doubt could tell a story or two.

The theme of this week’s Photo Challenge is windows.

2014 Travel Resolutions #2: Take on a Challenge

Runner. Image from mashable.com

We’re a couple of weeks into 2014 now, and chances are you’ve made a few resolutions. I’ll even go as far as to wager that you’ve been considering ways to improve your health and fitness over the coming year. But the gym can get boring after a while and classes become repetitive, so why not combine the desire to get fit with your love of travel with my second travel resolution suggestion?

#2. Add an active challenge to your travel bucket list.

Some of the best adventures require more than a little bit of exertion, but once you’ve reached your goal you find that the rewards greatly outweigh the effort put in. So whether your thing is running, hiking, biking or swimming, here are 5 ideas to get out and get fit. Continue reading

Shh… it’s a Christmas Present!

*Bethlehem, USA, that is.

A few days after Christmas, just before New Year, I received an extra present in the post. It even came from Bethlehem*, so was extra festive!

It contained a lovely gift from Sarah, who writes the fabulous fitness blog Shh… Fit Happens! I’ve been following her advice and tips to help build up my fitness and running skills as I train to complete the 2014 Virgin London Marathon in April.

It contained some awesome shocking pink shoelaces, as Sarah is a #sweatpink ambassador for the Fitapproach blog community and agrees that “kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes”. If that’s going to make me a better runner, I’m all for it!

#sweatpink. Image from Shh… Fit Happens!

Now, time to get my shoes on and go for a run. Thank you Sarah!

2014 Travel Resolutions #1: Learn the Lingo

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all have a healthy and happy year filled with fun and adventures.

Resolutions. Image by Lori Ann on Flickr

So here we are in January. A month of possibility and new beginnings. The time to make resolutions that will make 2014 into the best possible year; to take the best of intentions and turn them into achievable goals. So while the desire to make the most of your opportunities is still strong in your mind, here’s the first in a short series of suggestions for resolutions that will improve your travel experiences no end.

 #1. Learn a language.

Make your travel experiences more intriguing with the ability to communicate with people in their native tongue. Not being able to ask important questions can be frustrating, and as a solo traveller, not speaking the lingo can make for a lonely time. Imagine talking to the passenger next to you on a long bus ride, discovering cultural, political and social differences, and similarities.  Becoming fluent in a language takes a great deal of time and effort, but it doesn’t have to be traumatic or take years.

Here are my 5 tips for success. Continue reading