Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines to Patterns

Mackerel Sky behind the Shrouds.
Mackerel Sky behind the Shrouds.

Mackerel skies and mares’ tails, tall ships shorten sails.  Often associated with an approaching low pressure system, mackerel skies can forecast high winds over the following day.

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You Shall Not Pass

I read recently in the Reykjavik Grapevine that a decision by the Icelandic Road Authority to erect some road signs in English might be breaking Icelandic law.  The authority replaced warnings with an English-language translation on a number of temporary signs advising of road closures in poor weather, after several incidents where foreign tourists became stranded, requiring costly rescue efforts.  In the land of ice and snow, weather-related road closures happen regularly, so it seems like a good investment to save money, and perhaps even lives, in the long term.

Warning! Road blocked by snow. Obvious, or is it? Photograph from the Reykjavik Grapevine.

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Spread the Word

I’m not the best when it comes to writing on my blog; it takes me a long time to switch-off the self-edit function which stops me from putting words down on screen and just letting the writing flow.  It takes me a long time to put each post together, and even longer until I feel quite happy with letting people read it.  I hope that you think its been worthwhile.

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These Vagabond Shoes.
These Vagabond Shoes.

How to Train your Dragon, Part 2.

Sailing in the small boats.

So previously I described the work involved in raising the sail and letting it fly. But unless you’re running completely downwind, much greater control of the sail is needed, by securing the bottom corner of the sail closest to the wind, the hals, and trimming its shape with a variety of ropes. It’s much easier to see how the process works in the smaller square-sailed boats. Continue reading

Night Sailing

Slip out from port in evening dim

Colour draining from the sky

Crossing quicksilver streams

Lights red over green; sailing

Leave the fjord for open sea

Home lights slip from the horizon

Bright Hurtigruten lights chase the coast

Oilfield flares offshore

Look down over the bow

In the dark of night

Dark water, flying over fathoms deep

Constellations of phosphorescence

Wind squalls, reef the sail

Hands cramping and cold

Watching the lighthouse’s sweep

Safe to the shores of morning.

Hellisøy Lighthouse, Fedja.  Photograph by  Tord Andre Oen
Hellisøy Lighthouse, Fedja. Photograph by Tord Andre Oen