Top Travel Tip: In the Picture

Sólfar in the Midnight Sun, Reykjavik

One of my favourite things to do while I’m researching a destination is to look through all the pictures I can find to get inspiration for photos I’d like to take.

Whether its the first time or the tenth time I’ve visited somewhere, looking at a destination through someone else’s eyes can give fresh angles and new insights. Local photographers, in particular, usually have inspiring vantage points and interesting compositions that can reinterpret a classic travel image, and encourage you to create something different to capture your experience.  They also tend to know the best time of day, season, weather condition etc, to capture a scene at its best; and how to change perspective when the conditions are less than ideal.

Sólfar silver steel

Check out sites like Flickr or Instragram for inspiration and look at stock photography libraries for classic interpretations of travel icons.


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