Lust for Life

Oi! Cancer, we’re coming to get you.  That’s the official tag-line for this year’s Race for Life campaign by Cancer Research UK, a series of events across the country where women of all ages and abilities, shapes and sizes join together to don their pinkest outfits, have an amazing time, and raise tonnes of money to fund cancer research and save lives.

Got your number!

I’m joining the race again this year, and in acknowledgement of the supposed effort I’ve been making to get fitter  and less fatter, have signed up to run the 10k race (my first at that distance, and first longer than 5k that isn’t a  novelty event involving climbing, scramble nets, and rolling in the mud).  I’ll be running on 15th July in Stevenage, so there’s still a few weeks to brush up on my running, perhaps follow the end of that 10k for beginners app I found a few months ago.

If you’ve never taken part in a race before and don’t feel that confident in your running abilities, then a Race for Life is exactly what you’re looking for (sorry, ladies only though).  The emphasis is on taking part and having fun, and the atmosphere at each event is amazing.  You can walk, jog, run, skip or dance your distance, with the support of a fantastic crowd to cheer you on and inspiring runners taking part alongside you.  There’s still time to take part, so find out where your nearest event is, and why not give it a go?


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